Decision Time - Decorating Your Classroom

For me, nothing beats the beginning of the school year.  A new year brings anticipation and promise for great things to come.  I always feel so energized to come up with new, better ways of reaching my students.  One thing that I have always found that gives me a lot of pleasure and helps me set the tone for a great year is a new classroom theme.  Finding the perfect desk layout, bulletin board decorations and organization tools is almost as awesome as a new box of crayons.  When the room is all done there is nothing like the look on the students' faces as they get to see your big reveal!

I have tried many different themes throughout the years.  When I choose a theme I commit to it completely.  From bulletin board displays to "star of the week" ideas and cute, themed student pictures I try to think of every detail to make the room just right.  Some of my favorite themes I have used include:

  1. Team/Sports Theme 
            Why You Will Love It - It not only is a high interest theme for both boys and girls, but it also lends itself so well to character lessons (sportsmanship, teamwork and many more).

            Try This - Make "trading cards" with students.  Take each student's picture with their favorite sport's equipment.  Allow students to edit their picture in the computer lab to add their own "stats" or print out the pictures and attach it to construction paper where they can add any writing you would like.  These are fun to use to spark a great writing activity, class "MVP" display and a one-of-a-kind keepsake for students to have at the end of the year.  

             Get Started - Here you will find a freebie from my Sports/Team Themed Resources.  Click on the picture below to get a sports/team themed stationary to help you start this theme.  To take a look at the whole pack click here.

        2.  Hollywood/Movie Theme
              Why You Will Love It - This theme captures the attention and fascination of all students!  They love movies and movie stars so it is a perfect fit for any classroom.  Plus it is easy to find accessories and additional items to fit the theme at a local party store or even Target!  

               Try This - Start the year by rolling out the red carpet...literally!  Make a red walkway with inexpensive red fabric, a red tablecloth folded in half or red bulletin board paper!  Boas, cool hats, and sunglasses make fun props to add a little extra flair for if the paparazzi are on hand!  Another favorite...the "Wall Of Fame." As each student becomes the "Star" of the Week give them his/her own "star" like in Hollywood.  Paint or stamp their handprints on to make it extra special and add it to a fun class display.  

               Get Started - A simple black, white and red color scheme can really add a pop to your display!  I love using fabric for my boards, however, I have also used plastic tablecloths for an easy, clean look...PLUS IT IS CHEAP!  If you are looking for a Hollywood/Movie Themed Resource Pack that has everything you need to easily set this classroom up (for word wall letters/words, bulletin board ideas and printables, star of the week, behavior, nametags, classroom labels and more) click here.  

         3. Super Hero Theme 

                 Why You Will Love It - Showcase each student's individual "Super Power" with this theme.  I love all of the writing and crafts that you can find to go along with this theme.  One google search for this can take you days to sort though!

                 Try This - Draw a city scape with chalk on blacktop (or enlist the help of your class to do this).  Have students take turns wearing a cape and mask (optional), lay on the ground in a "flying" position above the city and take a picture!  So much fun!  Now just print the pictures and have students write a story to go along with it or write about their own talents in a "My Superpower" essay.  
                 Get Started - Every student is bound to enjoy having their turn being the "Superhero of the Week."  Check out some of the fun activities I like to plan for my class in this parent letter! To see more just click here.

         4. Outer Space/ Out of this World Theme

                   Why You Will Love It - This theme really allows students to let their imagination run wild!  And any color scheme can work with this theme so you most likely will not need to change much from your current classroom decor!  

                    Try This - Want a quick easy way to cover a bulletin board or other surface to give it a space feel - TRY TRASH BAGS!  You will be surprised how great they look!

                     Get Started - My Out of This World Pack is sure to give you a great start!

I would love to hear about your plans for decorating your classroom this year!  What is your greatest classroom theme?

Would you like to win one of the 4 classroom resource packs featured in this post?  If so enter below for a chance to win the theme of your choice!


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Guest Post - Minds In Bloom with Rachel Lynette

I am so excited to tell you that I have been asked to guest post on Rachel Lynnette's Minds In Bloom blog.  She is amazing and has been a huge inspiration to me, so I was thrilled to have this opportunity.  Hop on over to find some practical ways to differentiate in your classroom.  Also, to celebrate this fun post I have offered a fun freebie of one of my most popular differentiated products.  Be sure to check it out!  It will only be free for the week of my guest post!

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