Book Talk Tuesday - The Chalk Box Kid

The school year is upon us so many of us are searching for a great book to start the year out right. I have read so many cute picture books with my students so far this year...two of my favorites are The Library Mouse by Daniel Kirk and Ish by Peter Reynolds. When I think of a great book for guided reading groups, however, I can't get past a tried and true classic - The Chalk Box Kid by Clyde Bulla What better way to share my thoughts on this story than to link up with one of the greats...Mrs. Jump's Class! This woman is AWESOME and I am so fortunate to have this chance!
This story is perfect for 2nd-4th graders and has a wonderful theme for the beginning of the school year. Many students can relate to the main character, Gregory, as he struggles to fit in at a new school. He finds sanctuary in an unusual place and where he is able to showcase a true, hidden talent. Your students will learn the importance of friendship and acceptance as Gregory's classmates, who once shunned him, find he has much to offer their new school. Each year that I read this with my students I am amazed by all that can be accomplished by handing each child a piece of blank black paper and white chalk (or crayon). Their imaginations run wild as they work to draw their "garden" or dream onto the page. I love this story so much that I have created a book unit to go along with it. It is has been used in my classroom with much success! Find it at my TpT store by following this link: Chalk Box Kid Complete Unit
This pack includes chapter by chapter comprehension questions, weekly focus skills with activities, end of book projects and a context clue game!
I love this story! There are so many great books out there, but sometimes oldies really are the goodies!


  1. I love your blog design! Thanks for sharing this resource.


  2. Thanks Allie! I jumped over to your blog as well and love what I found there! Thanks for stopping by!


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