Gee! It's Geometry Time!

I LOVE the math topics that seem to always be taught around this time of year!  From fractions to measurement and geometry...the topics lend themselves so well to fun, hands-on learning!  Of these topics, however, geometry has to be my favorite.  Geometry is such a broad topic that requires students to have strong background knowledge in attributes of shapes as well as other geometric terms to be successful.  To practice this background knowledge I love to get students up and moving. We use our bodies to create a variety of shapes and angles (laying on the floor),  get outside and draw shapes and other geometric terms using sidewalk chalk, use food items such as marshmallows and pretzel sticks to build models of these terms, and so much more!

One of my favorite ways to practice these terms is to make a class dictionary.  Our class roams the  school in pairs with digital cameras and iPads/iPods and take pictures of a list of geometry terms (example: quadrilateral, hexagon, parallel lines, obtuse angle, etc).  Each pair is given a checklist of items to look for as we walk.  When we finish our hunt students can either create a collage or powerpoint presentation of their findings (adding labels to each picture using a geometric term).  I then choose a few pictures of each term to print out and create a class book.  This book is a great reference tool for the class and students enjoy applying this knowledge to the real world.

My TpT store has many products lending itself to an elementary level study of geometry (grades 1-5) from polygons, geometry terms, perimeter and area, etc. Check it out!  Here are a few of my favorite products:


      Lines and Angles Matching Game and Worksheet
This matching game features many key geometry terms with images for students to match in a "Go Fish" style game.  An assessment worksheet is also included along with answer keys.


       Differentiated Polygon Scoot and Worksheet
 This product includes 3 levels of practice with polygons ...perfect for print and go differentiation!   Play it as a scoot game or use as task cards (answer keys included).  Differentiated worksheets/assessments are also included in this purchase!

Stop by my TpT store where I am putting all of my geometry items on sale for the remainder of February!



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